People of the Menu

people-of-the-menuIn 1972, at the beginning of Tommy’s, we had only 7 seats. It was pretty much a one man show. I took the orders, made the food, washed the dishes and was also the cashier.

When the same people would make up sandwiches and order the same things every time, it was easier to just write thier names or initials down. That is how our menu was created. Each item is named after its creator. These lovely people represent the history of Coventry and now make their homes all over the world. Some of those people are pictured in the photo to the right.

With each sandwich order I read, it reminds me of those days in the very beginning and I can see all those friendly faces of the people who helped to shape Tommy’s future. When they come into town they always stop in and check to see how things are going. We chat about family, both individual and Coventry’s. I also added menu items after each birth of my daughters and grandsons.

-Tommy Fello