Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Tommy’s mission is to provide the highest quality product while still keeping our casual dining experience as affordable as possible. Our ability to achieve these goals over the years is due in large part to the outstanding local vendors we do business with on a regular basis. They share Tommy’s commitment of providing a quality product for the lowest price available.

A local wholesale vendor we’ve come to rely on is Tom Rini Produce.

The products from the following vendors can be purchased retail either at your favorite grocery store or directly from them.

Our award winning milkshakes start with the delicious ice cream from Pierre’s and the fresh milk from Hartzler Family Dairy, Orlando Baking Company and Aladdin Baking Company, supply the fresh bread for our sandwiches. We get our spinach pies and the ingredients to make our falafels from Aladdins too.

Last but not least Dean Supply is the company that supplies everything from the napkins on the table and the equipment used to store and cook the food to the products used to keep the restaurant clean. Help Tommy’s support the vendors who have supported us. Support your local businesses!