We Are Open For Curbside Pick-Up

WE ARE READY!!! (or at least we hope we are!) Tommy’s will officially open for curbside pick up tomorrow from 12-7:00! Please place your order online by going to our website tommyscoventry.com and clicking the order online button. You can also call your order in 216-321-7757 and pay over the phone. You will be given a pick up time. Upon arrival, pull up to the meters in front of the restaurant-the curbside pick up spots will be numbered 1-5. Pull all the way up to the first available spot. You will be met by a greeter at your car who will take it from there. If you live in the community and would like to walk over to pick up your food, we have lettered spaces on the sidewalk for you to wait. Please do not come early, we need to keep everything moving smoothly and anticipate a lot of pick ups. Our goal is to provide you with your favorite food and milkshakes using a brand new format. Looking forward to seeing everyone!